Carmen Li
Art Director

Carmen understands the effectiveness of branding and design practices that engage target audiences by bridging cultural and geographic barriers. With over 15 years of experience, Carmen believes Creasia Design offers exceptionally cost-effective advertising and design solutions for local and international demographics.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carmen experienced an interesting mix of Chinese tradition and colonial influence. After her 1992 graduation from the Swire School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she became very active in design circles while working in several established Hong Kong studios.
In 1996, just before the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government, Carmen arrived in New York City with two suitcases and her portfolio. There she began her search for new design opportunities and was quickly recruited by a top advertising agency, Adler, Boshcetto & Peebles—now Draft Worldwide. After two years at ABP, she moved to an international packaging design firm, Nicosia Creative. In the summer of 1999, Carmen joined Cullinane Design and managed Wall Street and Fortune 400 clients.
In 2004 Carmen set up Creasia Design, incorporating her unique international sensibility into her own design language. “In order to express ourselves efficiently, we need to understand the target audiences’ visual languages and mentalities. That is what we are helping our clients to achieve.”


嘉敏知道,有效的品牌設計能溶入當地文化,打破地域界限,吸引目標顧客的注意力。擁有超過15年的經驗,嘉敏相信 Creasia 能提供在地區性或國際上極具成本效益的品牌設計和廣告方案。在殖民地時期的香港出生和長大,嘉敏受到中國傳統和西方思想溶合的影響。1992年她從現時的香港理工大學太古設計學院畢業後,活躍於設計界,並在多間香港設計公司內工作。1996年,就在香港移交中國政府之前,嘉敏拿著兩個皮箱和她的履歷毅然來到紐約,在人生和設計路上尋找她的機會。嘉敏很快便被頂級廣告公司 Adler, Boshetto & Peebles (現時的 Draft Worldwide)所招攬了。兩年後,她轉往國際包裝設計公司 Nicosia Creative。在1999年夏天,嘉敏聯同 Cullinane Design,負責打理華爾街和“財富400”(Fortune 400)多個客戶。2004年嘉敏開設了 Creasia LLC,把自己的獨特概念和敏感觸角結合在她的設計上。 她認為:「我們需要了解目標顧客的視覺語言和心態,才能有效地替客戶表達自己,這正是我們為客戶所做到的。」

Jean-Pierre Welch
Web & Software Developer

Jean-Pierre has over 15 years of experience in web and software development, creating both customized software and websites for businesses and individuals. He has worked with a diverse array of clients across a broad spectrum of industries including finance, hospitality, higher education, publishing, and health and fitness. His obsessions with efficiency, streamlined workflow and visual order have brought him to work with clients including the Bank of New York, NYT bestselling author Pamela Redmond Satran and Weichert Mazzeo Realty. He specializes in creating web sites that give clients control of their content while retaining him for the more serious structural and design work.
Jean-Pierre received a degree in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University with a minor in Art, but continues to study and write code his spare time in a continual quest for perfection. Whatever time is left is dedicated to running, traveling, drawing and trying to figure out how to program a 36-hour day into the universe.
Every now and then, he sleeps.


吉恩-皮爾在網絡和軟件開發方面擁有逾15年的經驗,為企業和個人量身訂做軟件和網站。他曾為多樣化的客戶工作,包括金融、餐飲旅遊、高等教育、出版和健身都有。他對工作的熱誠和執著,令 Bank of New York、紐約時報暢銷書排行榜作家 Pamela Redmond Satran 和 地產代理 Weichert Mazzeo Realty 等很多重大客戶也找上吉恩-皮爾為他們設計。